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Smash credit card debt

Program your money to outsmart credit cards.
Smash is open to everyone.

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Pay down debt

Launch a personalized recurring payment plan to cut down debt. Automatically set aside spare cash that goes towards trimming your balance.

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Control your cards

Monitor and pay all your credit cards in one place. Set auto-payments and forget about late fees.

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Protect your progress

Learn how much you can spend without going over budget. Pay for large purchases in installments over time, at lower rates.

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Smash debt

Set your goal and get your money working for you

Recurring payments

Set your goal

See how long until you're debt free. Smash helps you determine how much to set aside towards repaying debt and which cards to pay off first.

Launch your plan

Smash schedules transfers from your bank to your credit cards. Payments are dynamic and always protect you from overdrafts.

You can change, pause or cancel your plan at any time.

Boost your plan

Smash detects when there's cash sitting in your bank account that can go towards your plan. You can set maximimum weekly limits for these payments -everything helps!

You can make additional one-time contributions at any time.

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Stay on track

Monitor your spending and protect your progress

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Cash on hand

Check how much you can spend until your next paycheck. Smash learns about your income and upcoming payments to help you keep your budget.

Stretch payments

Unexpected expenses can put your goal at risk. Pay eligible large purchases over time at lower interest rates than what your cards offer.

Select the number of installments and you'll pay them off as part of your debt-smashing plan. The balance on your debit or credit card is paid instantly.

Track your cards

Monitor your combined balances, review all transactions, fees and upcoming payments on the Smash app.

Single bill

Opt in to pay all your cards in one bill. Smash optimizes which card to pay off first, based on interest rates, minimum payments and balance.

Schedule auto-payments to effortlessly reign in all your cards.

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Iron-clad security

Your funds and data are protected by the highest security standards.

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Securing your account

We use 256-bit SSL encryption on our app and databases. Access to your account is protected by your password and linked to your device, we ask for multi-factor identification when signing in from a new device. We will alert of any suspicious activity.

Protecting your data and funds

We never have access to your bank or credit card credentials. Smash has read-access to your data through a partner trusted by firms like American Express, Venmo and Acorns that connects us with 10,000+ financial institutions.

Payments are only initiated when you authorize them, and you can stop transfers at any time. While processing, your payments are kept on a FDIC-insured bank account.

Respecting your privacy

We don't sell your data or share it with others without your consent.


Smash is open to everyone. Start for free.

$0 / mo

Manage cards

  • Up to 3 connected accounts
  • Track all cards

Pay down debt

  • Debt-free goal calculator

Protect progress

  • Cash on hand tracker

$3 / mo

Manage cards

  • Unlimited connected accounts
  • Track all cards
  • Single bill for all cards
  • Auto-bill payment

Pay down debt

  • Debt-free goal calculator
  • Recurring payments
  • Boost your plan

Protect progress

  • Cash on hand tracker
  • Stretch payments plans

Outsmart credit cards

Escape the debt trap. Smash credit card debt with Smash. Breathe easier.

Regain control

Set your debt-free goal and track your progress. Manage all your cards in one place with expert guidance.

Pay debt faster

Use recurring payments and spare cash to pay off your debt faster. Full automation makes it easier to stick to your goals.

Save $100s

Paying debt faster and on time means you'll save on interest and fees. You'll also improve your credit score.

Taking a loan to pay off credit cards feels like throwing money down the drain. I love how Smash makes it easier to pay them off using your cash, at your own pace.

Alejandro, Miami

I thought card debt was just another fact of life. Learning I can be debt free in 6 months is an eye-opener, can't wait to see it happen.

Sarah, Brooklyn